October 1, 2009

Modern Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Catch as Catch Can (Catch Wrestling) is gaining in popularity as all grappling based styles or systems have been so far this decade, so I wanted to include a great article by Kris Iatskevich.

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Kris is the head instructor of the Quebec Toe Hold Club, and offers some really interesting insights into the grappling phenomenon and Catch wrestling's influence on, and from, various other grappling based systems.

Those of you unfamiliar with CACC can look towards the likes of Kazushi Sakuraba for a modern day popular warrior that uses CACC in his MMA fighting and is actually very, very proficient in the ring utilizing the strategies and techniques found in CACC.

Hope you enjoy the article. I hope to get Kris' DVD's sometime in the future.

Train Hard, Train Smart

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