February 15, 2011

Chinese Martial Arts Journal

For you Chinese martial arts geeks like me, you may remember a little publication back in the day called Wu Gong Journal which later morphed into the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts.  Published by Nick Scrima these represented some of the earliest and best writing on Chinese martial arts ever, but due to financial issues (IE. no advertising) the publication soon went under.

Articles by a literal who's who were packed full of good, interesting info.  Two of my teachers grace the covers to your right!

For years many of us in the community bugged Nick to get the old back issues on CD format and finally he has!   Individual issues along with bundles can be purchased by clicking here! 

And the even better news is the Journal of Chinese Martial Arts will be making a comeback in quarterly format starting January 2012!  Click here to sign up for announcements regarding the CMA journal!

Nick has asked me to write a piece for one of the first issues so look for some articles by me in the near future.


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