April 15, 2011

Belt Promotions at NWJJA

Wanted to send a quick note of congrats to a handful of promotions awarded last night at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.  Brian is old school in his ranking and promoting, so when you are handed a belt at our academy you have already been that rank for quite some time already.

Congrats to John Baayers, and Ivan Moran on their long journey to blue.  John is restricted by schedule to make most evening classes so it has been a bit of a trip, but his game has really come along the past 6 months or so.  Ivan too has become a handful to deal with and pin down.

Brian then handed out three purple belts that are more then well deserved.  "Scrappy" Phil Simpson, Chris McMullin, and Randy "Wrap-it-in" Bacon all were promoted to blue belt after I was (I think), and have attained purple way before I ever will, all due to their diligence and discipline on the mat!  Phil has become a much more well rounded fighter who continues to kick ass at local tournies!  Chris works harder then a pitbull and has a wicked bad deep 1/2!!  And then their is my little veggie friend Randy.

Randy is one of those little shits (22 years old) who apparently just absorbs every damn little detail he comes across!  Though only a buck forty soaking wet, I have not had Randy's number for about a year.  I love Randy though (as a brother) because he fights anyone, anytime.  He does not pick and choose (seems to be an issue) and he rolls appropriately for the person he is with.  He is one of the best training partners at the gym, and a super nice cat on top of it all who has a huge heart for the wild and animals.

In a nutshell congrats brother.  It is an honor to fight next to you.  We really need to get you to some major tournaments!

Congrats all!

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