April 12, 2011

Great Grapplers of MMA

Funny... just last night my coach Brian and I were engaged in a friendly banter about Shinya Aoki (one of my favorites) being (in Brian's opinion) one of the most overrated BJJ black belts in MMA currently.  The fan I am I decided to stick up for him and argue his domination in Japanese promotions, which Brian countered with the level of fighter is totally different stateside (cough-see Melendez fight-cough).  Touche!
We both ended agreeing that we would love to see Aoki, and other MMA fighters, enter into the top gi grappling competitions and give it a go!  It will never happen, but wouldn't it be cool!?

Just this morning I check out Gracie Mag Online and they have posted a short article (with Aoki highlight reel) on the very subject of the most effective use of BJJ in MMA:

"Could Shinya Aoki one day retire as the most effective Jiu-Jitsu black belt in MMA?
When it comes down to numbers, at least, the day is approaching for the Japanese fighter.
A shoo-in for the great finisher’s hall of fame, the USA’s Jeremy Horn, 35, isn’t one to sweat up a gi, but at the end of this month he’ll be gunning for Thales Leites in Sweden, looking for the 50th submission of his career. That’s right, Horn today holds 49 wins by way of locks or chokes – out of 112 fights, at just about every promotion out there."  Read the entire article here!

I surf on over to The Grappling Dummy and find this BJJ fight at a recent Shooto event for charity between Rumina Sato and Shuichio Katsumura!  Great fun and for a good cause.  Again, great to see MMA fighters donning the kimono!


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