April 20, 2011

Happy 420, Heads!

Like a lost stoner wandering in a nebulous haze, here are some random clips to celebrate 420 Day!

First is Robert Drysdale breaking down a standard knee bar with his student Forest Griffin.  Nothing revolutionary in this clip, but look at how much detail is in Drysdale's 2:46 minute clip!  I have seen a lot of his videos and clips and Drysdale is constantly impressing me with his breakdown of technique and always progressive thinking.  I need to train with this cat someday!

Again great detail, but really... do I really need to explain the beauty of this next clip!?!?

How could I rightfully thrown down a 420 Day post without including the foremost outspoken advocate for marijuana legalization and decriminalization in the grappling community, Eddie Bravo!?  In case you missed it a couple weeks back Eddie was on "Fighting Words" with Mike Straka, and here is his interesting 25 minute interview.

On a serious note I want to take this opportunity to bring to light a great non-profit organization that is trying hard to change the Draconian drug laws in our "free" country, FAMM or Families Against Madatory Minimums.  No matter where you stand on drugs and their use, be illicit or otherwise, I think we can all agree that filling our prisons with NON-VIOLENT drug "offenders" is becoming way too common.  Without getting on my soapbox... It is time for re-evaluation coupled with restructuring of our prison systems.  The bias of private run prison companies lobbying politicians to push for tougher sentences on possession and distribution cases must be outlawed so that we can stop throwing our youth into prison for minor offenses.  Take a minute and get involved on any level.  Some day it might be very, very important to you!


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