October 14, 2011

Essential Core Training

Follow Bret's advice and get a booty
Like this!

If you have not been following Bret Contreras' blog, "The Glute Guy" then you have some catching up to do this weekend!  One of the preeminent S&C coaches out there, Bret is all about the butt, pelvis, and core (sound familiar grapplers).  His blog is chock full of solid info that is essential to martial artists across the spectrum.

I started getting serious about my conditioning a little over a year ago.  I am not looking to bulk up per se, but my strength (especially in my upper body) was far below par.  Integrating simple conditioning exercises coupled with weight training (much of which I have gleaned from Bret's blog), along with an excellent diet, has assisted me in losing 20#'s of fat and getting in the best shape of my life.  

Below is a link to the full article on core conditioning, and I included the table of exercises for various ranges of motion found in all daily movement, but essential to martial artists!

Type of Core Movement Exercise Examples:

Anti-spinal extension/Anti-anterior pelvic tilt - Push-ups, front planks, ab wheel rollouts

Anti-spinal fl exion/Anti-posterior pelvic tilt - Squats, deadlifts, good mornings

Anti-spinal lateral fl exion/Anti-lateral pelvic tilt - Side planks, suitcase holds, farmer’s walks

Anti-spinal rotation/Anti-pelvic rotation - Cable anti-rotation presses, landmines, single-arm dumbbell bench presses

Spinal extension/Anterior pelvic tilt - Supermans, 45 degree spinal extensions

Spinal flexion/Posterior pelvic tilt - Reverse crunches, hanging leg raises

Spinal lateral flexion/Pelvic lateral tilt -  Side bends, 45degree side bends

Spinal rotation/Pelvic rotation - Cable chops, Russian twists

Anti-hip extension - Band hip flexor holds, Bulgarian split squat (rear leg), static lunge (rear leg)

Anti-hip flexion -  Standing cable chest presses, half-kneeling anti-rotation presses

Anti-hip abduction/adduction -  Side planks, top leg elevated side planks

Anti-hip external/internal rotation -  Cable anti-rotation presses, land mines

Hip extension - Squats, deadlifts, lunges, 45degree hip extensions

Hip flexion - Cable standing hip flexion, band lying hip flexion, ankle weight standing
hip flexion

Hip abduction/adduction - Cable standing abduction, cable standing adduction, x-band walks

Hip external/internal rotation - Side-lying clams, band standing hip rotation, cable wood chops

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