February 27, 2012

Early Registration Ends Wednesday Night for Revolution

If you are planning on fighting in the upcoming Revolution tourney, make sure you sign up before Wednesday at midnight to lock in the discounted rate ($45 for one division)!  Sounds like NWJJA will have their biggest showing at a tournament ever with this March 17th date, so even if you are not competing please come out and support the troops.  If you have never fought before you do not realize how big of an impact this little thing can have on a fighter.  Trust me... I have flown a 2,000 miles to fight in tournaments where I had no friends.  No coach.  No no-one.  Believe me when I say it is a huge confidence builder to have support from your fellow students, friends, and family.

   This is a great opportunity to discuss the poll from last week.  As you can see only 12 people chimed in to answer if they would participate / like to see an absolute division at local tournaments such as the Revolution?  An overwhelming 91% (11) of you voted in favor of such a division.

I would fight in them
  11 (91%)
I would not fight in absolute
  1 (8%)

Votes so far: 12 

 I know it was a small sample but perhaps this will spark some interest in Revolution, or perhaps other organizations to add absolute divisions!  I have fought in a few and they are exciting, fun, and an opportunity to learn the importance of technique.

Either way I hope to see you on the mat next month!

1 comment:

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