February 16, 2012

Revolution BJJ Tournament - St. Patricks Day Edition

Sign up now for the next installment of our local grappling tournament the Revolution!  The premier tournament in the Pac NW, Jeff Bourgeois has been getting better and better at each showing (all in all 3-4 a year).

I caught up with Jeff to ask a few questions regarding absolute weights and super fights (both missing from the Revolution tournaments).  Here is what he had to say:

"We've had Absolute divisions in the past and had lots of people say they'd compete but then not actually compete. Because of that people are guaranteed a second match already we took the Absolutes out."

In regards to super fights:
 "We feel that stopping 9 rings of competition running the super fight and then trying to get everything back up to full output makes the day longer than people want."

I see Jeff's points and they are solid ones.  Personally I would rather see the second match eliminated and absolute added.  This would eliminate confusion and up the ante a bit in terms of local competition.  For the most part Jeff has tailored his tournament to be just like IBJJF tournies (Pan Am's / World's etc.), and the addition of the absolute divisions would prepare fighters at the local level for the types of fights they will experience in the major tournaments.  

 I also see his point with stopping action for super fights.  One possible solution is to not stop the whole event. 

So I decided our next poll would address such issues at the Revolution.  Vote now to your right on whether or not you would like to see absolute divisions at local tournaments such as the Revolution!  And while you are at it registration is open for the Revolution 3/17/12.  Sign up today and I will see you on the mat!


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