July 8, 2012

Revolution Quick Results Edition

I have pics, and video (speaking of competition video, make sure you vote in our poll to your right ---->) to post later but here is a quick list of how NWJJA faired at the latest Revolution BJJ tournament.  We all just fought gi:

Randy Bacon - Bronze (lightweight): Randy had some squirrely opponents who were very quick.  In his second match a momentary lapse in focus got him caught in a triple threat position.

Kamau - Bronze (Super heavy): Kamau fought extremely well the first match I saw winning on submission!  I heard he also got an armbar later.  Kamau's division was stacked with heavy hitters so he had his work cut out for him but did great!

Mike Adams competed and did very well though I am not sure if he placed 3rd or not.  Great defense as well as attacks, Mike's game has really come far.  This was a solid test at blue belt after some injuries and I think he proved to himself that he can hang!

Guaminian Ron -  Unfortunately I did not see any of Ron's matches as they went on too late, but I heard he had two solid fights.  For your first tourney all you can ask for is the balls to step up and you accomplished that brother!

Hands down the "most improved grappler" award goes to Connor "The Kool Aid Kid" Faust!  Though he did not medal Connor showed a HUGE improvement since his last tourney, and proved to himself and others that he is truly ready to hang with the blue belts!  Got a few things we need to cinch up but overall I thought Connor did very, very well yesterday!

Last but not least yours truly nailed bronze in the purple heavyweight.  Despite being KO'ed in the middle of the match (I was out of it after an accidental smack to the back of the head) I pulled out a 7-0 win fighting for 3rd place.  Had two tough opponents!  Was not my best showing but I learned a lot from yesterday.

Quick shout out to my sponsor 1914 Kimono's.  Appreciate the support and encouragement!  If you are serious about BJJ and want the best gi on the market hit up the guys at 1914... you will not be disappointed!

More to come later... go enjoy the sunshine if you are local, and if you are reading this from anywhere else then Seattle and Alaska... try to stay cool and drink plenty of water.  Our thoughts are with the farmers and people hurting throughout the heartland.



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