June 23, 2013

Blast From the Past: 1996 World IBJJF Championships

Does anyone remember this thing called a closed guard in competition?  Like I said before I want to share classic fight videos with you all from time to time on some of the BJJ masters of today when they were competing yesterday.

Here is a great match between Wellington "Megaton" Dias and Helio Soneca.  Some great guard work and back and forth action followed by some awesome mutual respect:

And you may not recognize this face with less grey then now, but here is the genius behind American Top Team's success fighting in the worlds 17 years ago!  Thats right Ricardo Liborio versus Hollands Remco Pardoel (whom may look a bit familiar... UFC 2 I believe.... elbowing the crap out of a dude in the crucifix!):

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