October 15, 2013

San Shou Lei Tai Fights From Taiwan Circa 1986

Thanks to my broski William for sharing this clip of San Shou Lei Tai fights from Taiwan circa 1986.  San Shou is not a style per se of Chinese martial arts, but rather a rule set of full contact kickboxing.  Different organizations have varying rules but in general all strikes are allowed (minus head buts) as well as takedowns and throws with no ground fighting.  Many traditional artists will train San Shou as well as their respective art.

So enjoy this video and if you are interested I wrote down some basic observations after it:

  • The round kick is absent from the traditional Chinese Martial Arts, yet it is one of the most prevalent attacks used in this video.
  • Those with straight strikes scored faster and in general hit harder.
  • Those with wild swinging strikes still hit really, really hard!  You must respect the strike even if it is sloppy.
  • Notice the clinch is absent here.  This may be due to some governing bodies restricting clinch time (limited to 3 seconds), or banning the clinch position all together.
  • Because the clinch is restricted, the majority of throws we see are quick sweeps and fast knockdowns (kao die).
  • Dropping your hands doing some crazy Bruce Lee type shit gets you hit! 

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