May 31, 2014

Immortal Technique and His Dojo Wisdom

I love it when some of my favorite hip-hop MC's or producers chime in on the martial arts.  Wu Tang Clan is most likely the obvious one, but stars such as Dead Prez, Roots, and Immortal Technique have all trained at one time or another and often share clues in complex lyrical patterns. 

Speaking of Immortal Technique (one of the most consciously aware and relevant musicians in hip hop, and really all of music) here is what he had to share on his FB page yesterday:

My old master once told me. "Felipe, while you're drinking and getting high with your friends, someone is running miles. While you're playing video games, someone is doing Kata in the dark. While you are running around the streets someone is in the dojo doing push ups. And when you and this person meet, their gonna fuckin' destroy you." Haha
This exemplary child is obviously a unique example, but I have always advocated children learning Martial arts. It's not supposed just teaching "fighting", but rather, survival skills, philosophy of how to fight and how to know when to fight. How to know how to make a quick escape, or to properly use your voice. To not, as my old master once said, end up 'fighting to the death against one who is not your enemy.' It's supposed to be about self-defense in all measures, responsibility, discipline, analysis, focus, health & exercise. 

A warrior isn't gender biased either. Shout to the woman warriors of the world for holding us down. Plus. This girl Mahiro, would fuck up a lot of you fat, high, slow moving talking about "I'll hit her with a 40oz" ass niggaz! Haha... Listen brothers and sisters, all jokes aside. In a world full of danger, predators, not only Martial Arts but you have to teach your child to be aware. To be cautious and think and size up not just people, but also situations. I wish I had completed my training from when I was young. However, if not Martial Arts, then at least emergency response, or a class to save them from drowning or a fire or an earthquake. God bless your children and this child. Teach them and protect them well. 

Peace & Respect,
Immortal Technique

And for those of you whom are not sure who this Immortal Technique cat is, here is one of my favorite spoken word songs:

and quite possibly the best homage to the Goonies ever laid on wax:


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