May 4, 2014

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson Helping Vets

RCJ Machado and Team Pitch Black member Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson has been busy rising through the ranks in the UFC, but has always made time to help those in need.  Veterans are no exception as Stephen recently shared a trip to South Africa with A HERO, an organization dedicated to helping veterans of foreign wars deal with the emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. 

Using a hunting trip to South Africa as a means to commune with both nature and other veterans, this is what Stephen had to say:

"Hanging out with these guys, they are true heroes," Thompson said. "You see the UFC fighters and they are fighting on TV and these kids or teenagers thinking that we are the heroes, but we are not.  These guys are the heroes. They're out there doing things and putting their lives on the line for us.  Being out there and listening to their stories, sometimes it breaks your heart, but it makes you realize the risks these guys take and they are out there doing it."

  AHERO South Africa Hunt Promo from The Resistance TV on Vimeo.

"I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. We want to help these guys get back on their feet," Thompson said.  "We want to let them know that their world does not come to an end, life goes on, and they need our help. That's the message I want to get to everybody."

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