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November 9, 2014

Are Jiu Jitsu Competitions to Blame For Wrestlings Dominance in MMA?

Best in the biz... Burroughs with his double

Pedro Olavarria over at Fightland just published an excellent article on one possible reason that so many high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players have had such a difficult time transferring those skills into their MMA careers.  Is collegiate wrestling to blame for such inadequacies?  Or does the modern day rule set as dictated by IBJJF poorly prepare competitors for MMA/self defense?  Food for thought here...

Self Defense Applicability??
"The other reason for sport jiu jitsu’s relative non-transferability to MMA is the same reason for wrestling’s success. In MMA, slightly more than half of all takedowns are done with the double leg or single leg takedown; compare that to the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Finals, where from 2012-2014, 50% of successful takedowns were single leg and double leg takedowns. The most successful takedowns in wrestling are the most successful takedowns in MMA. In sport jiu jitsu, if we look at the 2012 Pan Ams, more than 75% of the matches got to the ground because one or both players pulled guard. In the 2012 Worlds, roughly 75% of all matches got to the ground because one or both players pulled guard, with more than 50% of the matches going to the ground, in less than 10 seconds. Despite the fact that jiu jitsu requires a fight to be on the ground, sport jiu jitsu competitors are spending comparatively little time training in or fighting for takedowns. Sport jiu jitsu champions who cross over into MMA are hampered by the submissions they have overemphasized and the wrestling takedowns they have neglected in winning tournaments. What is the solution to this overdependence on joint locks and the neglect of effective takedowns?
    The solution to these problems is something for jiu jitsu masters and tournament promoters to figure out. Should they award more points for takedowns? Should they ban guard pulling while both players are on their feet? Should punches be allowed on the ground for higher belts? I don’t know. Certainly, the leaders of the jiu jitsu community need to answer for themselves whether MMA is even relevant to jiu jitsu anymore. The whole point of vale tudo and the original UFC was to prove that jiu jitsu works and that ground fighting is essential for anyone seriously interested in self-defense. Because of the Gracies, future generations of young men and women who want to learn actual fighting will be spared from the boredom and inefficacy of kata, one step-sparring and board breaking."

To read the entire article click here.

November 3, 2014

Enson Inoue's 'Live As A Man / Die As A Man / Become A Man' - Book Review

I have been a fan of Enson Inoue's since early in my martial career.  I remember seeing some old Shooto fights a karate buddy had VHS (that is an archaic recording medium that can now be viewed in the Smithsonian) of and Enson was one of the fighters.  His bravery inspired me, his attitude entertained me, and his fights NEVER disappointed.  From fighting MMA, to rescuing dogs and feeding the needy after the terrible nuclear disaster just a few years back, I have always been drawn to the grappling and MMA legend. So when his self published autobiography "Live As A Man, Die As A Man, Become A Man" hit the market I was stoked, as Enson Inoue IS living martial arts history.

To understand Enson one must have a fundamental understanding of Japanese culture and history.  Enson lives by the motto 'Yamatodamashii' which is loosely translated as Samurai Spirit.  Essentially it is the embodiment of the Samurai spirit they carried into every task, every day and that is whatever you do you must do with 100% heart and conviction.  You must be prepared to die spiritually, emotionally, physically to stand by your honor and integrity.  These attributes Enson finds lacking in the 21st century, again something I completely agree with and can relate to.

The reader is taken along for a ride from Enson's early childhood where he witnessed firsthand the effects of fear and cowardice.  The feeling of despair when a friend needed him and he did nothing laid a heavy impression upon Enson and drove him to never again find himself bowing down to fear.  His candor in sharing his true feelings is admirable and rare as he tackles some of the most difficult questions all men face.

Any true fan of combat sports needs to put 'Live As A Man.." on their X Mas wish list as Enson is the living embodiment of MMA, truly no bullshit a pioneer whose power and influence even I did not realize until reading this bio.  He takes a fight by fight breakdown of his entire MMA history; the wins and the losses.  I mean this is THE guy that handed Randy Couture his first pro MMA loss!  The list of men whom have stepped into the ring with Enson is literally a who's who of MMA, ADCC, and BJJ; Igor Vivchanchan, Mark Kerr, Mario Sperry, Frank Shamrock, Big Nog, Guy Mezger...

His history and unfortunate falling out with the Gracies is detailed, as well as a short stint training with the Machado family as well.  Enson also touches on traditionally taboo topics such as the role of Yakuza (Japanese mafia) in the Japanese mixed martial arts business.  Inoue has been able to walk in both worlds because he carries himself with dignity and stands behind what he says.  Rare attributes in today's society, thus respected by gangsters and police alike.  This position offers Enson rare insights into just how corrupt the organizations like Shooto and Pride really were / are!  Sad and disappointing to true fight fans who want to see the fighters taken care and the organizations follow a legit line to ensure the sanctity and longevity of the sport.

Overall the book is an easy and fun read offering a peak inside the mind of what I would consider a modern day warrior struggling with his identity and purpose.  Enson flirts with being a bit masturbatory in some of the retelling of the tales, and is in desperate need of a solid editor, but overall I think this book is one of the most honest insights into the mind and heart of one of the toughest SOB's on earth.  My singular selfish complaint is that we get only a glimpse of the heart of Enson Inoue, which I can say without doubt, is much larger and greater then his fighting prowess!  Following Enson's life over the years has shown me the generosity and humble serving nature of a modern Samurai where he has dedicated his life to helping out the animals and people in need throughout Japan.  He does not touch on any of his charity work designing and selling bracelets (Destiny Forever), delivering food water and hope to those affected by the terrible nuclear meltdown in Japan, as well as taking a yearly pilgrimage walking over 1300 miles in an effort to raise money for the needy in Japan.    Perhaps these are tales for a second biography  further down the road, but none the less aspects that I think are just as interesting as his fight life. 
To order "Live As A Man" Click here.  For more information on Enson, or to order some of his custom made bracelets (proceeds of which go to charities helping both people and animals) please visit Destiny Forever. 

September 16, 2014

ADCC Documentary

Bobby Razak is supposedly making a documentary on the history and development of the ADCC grappling tournament.  Below is the quick highlight of the film that is set to drop on the 10th of next month.  I surely hope the finished product is presented better then this preview. 

October 18, 2013

ADCC Opening Brackets

ADCC will be starting at about 4pm PST today.  It is held in Beijing China this go round and I must admit it looks like one of the most exciting lineups we have ever seen.  I will do my best to keep you all updated on the results.  Check out the opening brackets below:

September 24, 2013

Carlos Machado On The Bishop BJJ Podcast

Check out red-black belt Carlos Machado on the latest Bishop BJJ Podcast where he takes some great questions, talks ADCC, and spends some time with the Bishop crew (a brown belt couple out of Missouri whom train under Royler)!  Just a friendly reminder as you are listening to the interview slide over to RCJ Machado Pro and register for next months 5 Brothers Camp where you can train not only with Carlos but also his brothers Rigan, Jean Jacques, Roger, and John.  And here is a quick spoiler alert... Carlos will be visiting the Emerald City for the first time March of 2014!

Enjoy: Click here to be redirected to the interview.

October 17, 2012

Jean Jacques Machado and His Wicked Omoplata

Jean Jacques Machado is renown for his wizard like ability to move and transition seemingly leaving his opponents completely unaware of what just happened!  Here is a rare shot of a Machado brother in Gracie magazine where they give props to JJM for his omoplata work on Ricardo Arona in ADCC 2001 (where he won most technical fighter BTW). 


This is your last call for the opportunity of a lifetime, come to Dallas, TX. to train with all 5 of the Machado clan in just over a week!  Don't miss this chance to train with each brother as they bring their own specific games to the camp to share to the students of the next generation of grapplers and fighters! 

Click here to register today!


March 12, 2012

Arnold Fitness Expo 2012 - Grappling Review Edition

Thanks to my sponsor 1914 Gi's!
Visiting back home a couple weeks ago, I was originally was going to compete at the Chicago Open held by the IBJJF, but decided that would be a bit too much time away from my fam who were the sole reason for visiting Ohio in the first place.  Then the Arnold's popped up on the radar where they would be offering a BJJ tournament on Saturday, and then the first regional qualifier for the ADCC on Sunday.  I saw this as divine intervention as the Arnold's are held yearly in Columbus, OH. which is exactly where I would be visiting!   Coupled with my first sponsor 1914 Kimono's who covered my entry fee, this was a great opportunity to compete with some of the best in the Midwest.

For those of you unaware... the Arnold Sports Expo is the largest gathering of its kind.  Boasting over 18,000 athletes competing in 45 various events from fencing, to power lifting, to boxing, to gymnastics.  Eleven different events were qualifiers for Olympic events.  Walking through the vendor (should read: "unnecessary waste of money supplement section"), I can honestly say I have never seen so many disproportional men, and fake breasted women!  Oh... and Carmen Electra is REALLY, REALLY tiny!

This review will be focused on the Arnold Sports Expo as I experienced it.  I will discuss my individual matches and fights in another post, but I wanted to shine the light on a few others that made this all happen.  Firstly Brett Boyce who organized and ran this years grappling events.  Rumor on the mats as the day was starting on Saturday was the previous years events had been run terribly and their was some apprehension from participants at first, but as the day got going Brett proved that he knows how to run a smooth event.  I had never been to the Arnold's before, but I participated in the regional qualifiers for ADCC in 2009 which was run by Brett and he did a great job up here as well!

As with any tournament there is wait time, but with only 4 mats available Brett kept them moving and overall the reffing was decent.  I know for a fact in one of my matches I did not maintain mount for 3 seconds but still got points, where some other matches saw the complete opposite.  Overall I felt the calls and reffing were good.  Could be better, but clean and fair across the board.

Going back to the Midwest is needed for me to be reminded of good, honest, down to earth people.  And I must say that is EXACTLY what I experienced at this tournament from every angle!  Join me if you will on some random stories from last weekend:

Robert... my brother from another mother!
  • Robert Webb was the first cat I walked up to and introduced my self to on Saturday, and we instantly hit it off.  Robert was competing in the super heavy division at purple, but because of so few people they combined him with brown belts as well.  Despite his hesitations Robert took gold in gi!  All of Robert's opponents were heavier then him, and I believe younger.  But he fought his ass off and came away with the win.  Not sure how he did on Sunday in No gi.  Robert has a great attitude because he wanted to come out and push himself.  If you are ever in Lexington, KY. look him up at 2350 Woodhill Center, "Grand Champion School of Submissions."  And also be on the lookout for a revamping of the grunge scene;)
  • A shout out to Travis Conley who won the purple belt division.  Though I did not get the opportunity to fight him Travis and I spoke at length on Saturday about the grappling scene in the Midwest, and past Arnold's.  Travis is cleaning house from the sounds of it with 15 tournament victories last year, racking up a couple more over the weekend with a 28-0 ass kicking and a gi choke in the finals!  Travis is another example of a humble cat who can kick some serious ass.  Wish him luck as I hope to see him at the Pan Am's in a few weeks.  If you are ever in Kansas City check his school out; Kansas City BJJ.
  • I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I slipped behind the bleachers after a tough day on Saturday to change real quick, and another guy already had the same idea.  We started talking and I asked how  long he had been training, as I saw him win earlier in the black belt division.  He immediately confessed... "I have to be honest, I am only a blue belt in BJJ.  But I have wrestled all my life including at the collegiate level and I do not feel it is fair to my opponents to fight at the blue belt level."  WOW!  What class!  Sadly my foggy memory cannot recollect his name but his story is needed.  And he is one of many I met like this at the Arnold's.  Guys out to train and compete, and test their mettle on the mat.  Mad respect!  
  • Speaking of amazing attitudes... lightweight ADCC Pro Winner James Gray has one hell of a story.  First of all the cat has no instructor.  He does not say this in a egotistical manner, just simply matter of factly.  Never has in his 7 years of grappling.  He claims he just watches the best compete (not instruct per se, but competition footage!).  He enters the expert/pro division's... and WINS!  

Duane "Bang" Ludwig

  • To make things even a bit more unbelievable James told me this was his first tournament in over a year where he has been rehabbing a NASTY arm break.  Took a 250# student down with a double leg and somehow twisted wrong with the student going through his arm Meisha Tate style and breaking it completely the opposite direction!  A sick scar is all that remains, but James said he was favoring it a bit and asked if I could tell!?  Jeez...  I look at stories like this as to why we are all on the mat fighting and persevering day in and day out.  To overcome our fears, doubts and limitations.  Using Jiu Jitsu, grappling as a vehicle to express this primitive energy is so important to humankind!  If you are ever up in the Howell, MI. area check out James and his crew.  He is a humble instructor with classy fighters under his tutelage: Team SFS (Scorpion Fighting Systems).

  • Another stand out both skill wise and class wise is Kijafa Spiller  of Dayton, OH.  Kijafa has SLICK transitions and attacks from all positions.   Watching him move, I can tell you that this is someone to keep an eye out for.  In only his mid-20's Kijafa will be a name you hear both in grappling and MMA as he is climbing the ladder in professional MMA too.  Great meeting him and his girlfriend.  

  • All of my opponents seemed to be professional fighters and every one of them were as nice and humble as anyone I have met in the martial arts.  I have trained with a number of so called "masters" in various genre's, and few, if any, can match the humility and down to earth attitude of just about every MMA fighter I have met.  Eric Schafer was kind enough to take a picture with me after our fight.  I was chatting with Gerardo Gallegos after our fight on how he caught me with the Americana.  Robert Curtis and I spoke throughout the weekend after we fought.  Just all around good times and awesome camaraderie!  There was not one ounce of machismo at this tourney (coincidentally there were no Brazilian's competing either).  
Kijafa (2nd from left), James Gray (4th from L),
 Eric Schafer (2nd from R)
If you ever have to the chance you should really check out the Arnold's as the event itself is something else to behold.  I hope Brett Boyce continues to run the Arnold's so that a smooth grappling event can be promised.  Overall the whole expo was pretty amazing and a lot of fun.  The level of competition was VERY high and the level of attitude and poor sportsmanship was at an all time low. 

I want to thank my sponsor 1914 Kimono's for their support, as well as my wife and family.  I hope next time to bring you home some precious medal!    Win lose or draw all of your support means the world to me.  Thank you.  

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

Peace, love and chokes at the 2012 Aarnold's!

October 5, 2011

ADCC Rankings

ADCC released their official rankings (thanks to for the full story).  
Brazilians maintain their dominance of the ranking, with 17 of the top 20. Only Kerr in third, Jeff Monson in 10th, and Dean Lister, who went from 21st to 17th, keep the South Americans from making a clean sweep.
Check out the updated list below!
Here is a post fight interview with Jeff Glover.  Once again the enthusiasm, respect, admiration, and humbleness this "kid" has for the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is nothing short of admirable!  Ask yourself if you have the attitude he does, and if not, why?  

GRACIEMAG ADCC athlete ranking
1 -109 – Marcelo Garcia
2 – 91 – José Mário Sperry
3 - 80 – Mark Kerr
4 - 69 – Ricardo Arona
5 - 68 – Bráulio Estima
6 - 68 – Fabrício Werdum
7 - 67 – Ronaldo Jacaré
8 - 66 – Alexandre Ribeiro
9 - 61 – Saulo Ribeiro
10 - 61 – Jeff Monson
11 - 61 – Royler Gracie
12 - 60 – Roger Gracie
13 - 60 – André Galvão
14 - 58 – Leonardo Vieira
15 - 57 – Pablo Popovitch
16 - 55 – Jean-Jaques Machado
17 - 52 – Dean Lister
18 - 43 – Renzo Gracie
19 - 42 – Alexandre Soca
20 - 40 – Alexandre Cacareco
21 - 39 – Ricco Rodriguez
22 - 37 – Sean Alvarez
23 - 36 – Ricardo Almeida
24 - 34 – Robert Drysdale
25 - 34 – Rafael Mendes
26 - 30 – Jon Olav Einemo
27 - 29 – Roberto Traven
28 - 29 – Vinícius “Pezão” Magalhães
29 - 28 – Rani Yahya
30 - 28 – Kareem Barchlov
31 - 28 – Demian Maia
32 - 27 – Marcio Pé de Pano
33 - 27 – Marcio Feitosa
34 - 27 – Barret Yoshida
35 - 22 – Rubens Charles “Cobrinha”
36 - 18 – Hayato Sakurai
37 - 17 – Mark Robinson
38 - 17 – Kikuta Sanae
39 - 17 – Robrigo Gracie
40 - 16 – Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu
41 - 16 – Ricardo Liborio
42 - 16 – Alexander Savko
43 - 13 – Ricardo Moraes
44 - 13 – Matt Serra
45 - 12 – Simon Siasi
46 - 11 – Rolles Gracie
47 - 11 – Robin Gracie
48 - 11 – Luiz Brito
49 - 11 – Gerardi Rinaldi
50 - 11 – Gabriel Gonzaga
51 - 11 – Flávio Almeida
52 - 11 – Otto Olsen
53 - 11 – Caol Uno
54 - 11 – João Assis
55 - 11 – Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares
56 - 10 – Alexandre Paluski
57 - 09 – Enson Inoue
58 - 08 – Nino Schembri
59 - 07 – Vitor Belfort
60 - 07 – Kron Gracie
61 - 05 – Vitor Ribeiro
62 - 05 – Tito Ortiz
63 - 05 – Tarsis Humphreys
64 - 05 – Ryan Hall
65 - 05 – Robson Moura
66 - 05 – Rigan Machado
67 - 05 – Leonardo Santos
68 - 05 – Joe Gilbert
69 - 05 – Jake Shields
70 - 05 – Gregor Gracie
71 - 05 – Fabiano Iha
72 - 05 – David Terrel
73 - 05 – David Avellan
74 - 05 – Chris Haseman
75 - 05 – Beau Hershberger
76 - 05 – Alex Negão
77 - 05 – Ahmed Farag
78 - 02 – João Roque
The following criteria were applied:
1. Absolute champion – 20pts
2. Divisional champion – 17pts
3. Supermatch champion – 15pts
4. Absolute runner-up – 13pts
5. Divisional runner-up – 11pts
6. Supermatch runner-up – 9pts
7. Absolute third place – 7pts
8. Divisional third place – 5pts
9. Most technical athlete – 3pts
10. Best match participant – 2pts
In the event of a tied score, the athlete with the more valuable win takes the lead. For instance, even when drawn on points, an athlete who holds an absolute title wakes the lead over an athlete with only a divisional title.

September 27, 2011

ADCC 2011 Results w/ Brackets

Had a busy Monday  playing catch up and training so I am a little late to the party, but none the less here are the results of the crazy weekend of grappling at the ADCC 2011 (thanks to Kid Peligro for the brackets).  Ladies first of course:

September 22, 2011

ADCC 2011 Opening Brackets

Here we go kids!  Quite a few have offered their 2 cents worth (is that Euro's or USD??) on the web, so I will not bore you with my thoughts.  Honestly this is one of the greatest collections of grapplers ever put together so to speculate is silly.  Anything can happen.

None the less... enjoy! (oh... and those weights are kilo's my American educated friends;)

July 12, 2011

Abu Dhabi Submission Grappling Championships September 24-25 2011

On September 24-25th worlds best grapplers will gather on the island of Han (just kidding!!  This year it is in Nottingham, England) to fight in the Abu Dhabi Submission Championships.  Fighting via invite or qualification only, this venue is considered to be the pinnacle of submission style grappling where winners often walk away $10,000 richer!  

The great news for those of us living far, far away from Sherwood forest is that Budo Videos is going to be streaming the matches free!  

Go to Budo Videos for more information on making an account and watching the live stream.

Check out the stellar cast:

1. Rafael Mendes. Brazil (2009 World Champion)
2. Greger Forsel. Finland (2010 European Champion)
3. Marko Ramos. USA (2010 North-American Champion)
4. David Marinakis. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
5. Tetsu Hadairo. Japan (2011 Asian Champion)
6. Jeff Glover. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
7. Bruno Frazzato. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
8. Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas. Finland (2011 European Champion)
9. Ryan Hall. USA
10. Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. Brazil
11. Tom Barlow. U.K
12. Barret Yoshida. USA
13. Rani Yahya. Brazil
14. Robson Moura. Brazil
15. Denny Prokopos. USA
1. Pablo Popovich. USA (2009 World Champion)
2. Jorge Britto. Portugal (2010 European Champion)
3. Vagner Rocha. USA (2010 North-American Champion)
4. Davis Hart. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
5. Gomi Takanori. Japan (2011 Asian Champion)
6. Enricco Coco. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
7. Murilo Santana. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
8. Daniel Strauss. U.K (2011 European Champion)
9. Leo Viera. Brazil
10. Gunnar ‘viking’ Nelson. Iceland
11. Marcello Garcia. Brazil
12. Kron Gracie. Brazil
13. JT Torres. USA
14. Augusto Mendes. Brazil
1. Andre Galvao. Brazil (2009 2nd World championships, Estima go to Superfight vs Jacare)
2. Marko Helen. Finland (2010 European Champion)
3. Rustam Chsiev. Russian (2010 North-American Champion)
4. Cameron Rowe. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
5. Jeon Doo Kwang. Korea (2011 Asian Champion)
6. JJ Holmes. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
7. Claudio Calasans. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
8. Zbigniew Tyszka. Poland (2011 European Champion)
9. Pablo Popovitch. USA
10. Rafael Lovato. USA
11. Rousimar Palhares. Brazil
12. Romulo Barral. Brazil
13. Sergio Moraes. Brazil
14. Paulo Filho. Brazil
1. Xande Ribeiro. Brazil (2009 Champion)
2. Kari Peltola. Finland (2010 European Champion)
3. Joseph Lee Baize. USA (2010 North-American Champion)
4. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
5. Animal Anzai. Japan (2011 Asian Champion)
6. James Poupolo. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
7. Renato Ferreira. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
8. Kamil Uminski. Poland (2011 European Champion)
9. Roger Gracie. Brazil
10. Rudolfo Viera. Brazil
11. Dean Lister. USA
12. Robert Drysdale. USA
13. Joao Assis. Brazil
14. Radek Turek. Poland
15. Dan Schon. Mexico
1. Fabricio Werdum. Brazil (2009 Champion)
2. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen. Finland (2010 European Champion)
3. Mario Rinaldi. USA (2010 North-American Champion)
4. Mick Wilson. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
5. Sekine Hideki. Japan (2011 Asian Champion)
6. Jared Rosholt. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
7. Gabriel Vella. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
8. Mateusz Juskowiak. Poland (2011 2nd European Championships)
9. Jeff Monson. USA
10. Roberto ”Cyborg” de Abreu. Brazil
11. Bruno Bastos. Brazil
12. Antonio ”bigfoot” Silva. Brazil
13. Jose Fereira Junior. Brazil
14. Gerardi Rinaldi. USA
15. Vinny Magalhaes. Brazil
16. Alexander Trans. Denmark
1. Luanna Alzuguir. Brazil (2009 World Champion)
2. Lara Jayne Ng. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
3. Hashi Takayo. Japan (2011 Asian Champion)
4. Cathilee Albert. USA (2011 North-American Champion)
5. Michele Nicolin. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
6. Sara Svensson. Sweden (2011 European Champion)
7. Kyra Gracie. Brazil
1. Hannette Staack. Brazil (2009 World Champion)
2. Fiona Muxlow. Australia (2011 South Pacific Champion)
3. Penny Thomas. South Africa (2011 North-American Champion)
4. Talita Nogueira. Brazil (2011 South-American Champion)
5. Devi Ahuja. Norway (2011 European Champion)
6. Gabrielle Garcia. Brazil
7. Christe Cyborg. Brazil

Jacare and Estima will be fighting a super fight, along with Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry.  Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie is still not confirmed as Royler is basically being a very typical Gracie and demanding exuberant amounts of money ($50,000 to fight, $25,000 win bonus).  We will see what happens with that situation.
A slight change in rules this year will make things interesting... competitors will weigh in just prior to stepping on the mat and fighting.  You don't make weight, you sit in the stands and watch your dreams slip away in front of you.  I like this change as it will discourage drastic weight cuts in a venue that has very broad weight divisions.  
Really looking forward to this years Abu Dhabi CC!  

March 13, 2011

ADCC North American Trials 2011

According to Kid Peligro, Jeff Glover owned the North American Qualifiers for the ADCC 2011 yesterday in San Diego, CA.  Winning all of his matches via submission, I was able to find this short highlight reel which is mostly Glover:

Apparently the promoters needed to find a new venue in under 24 hours as their old venue became a tsunami evacuation area.  Luckily things went off without a hitch and the tournament was solid.


September 27, 2009

ADCC World Championshiops 2009

WOW! All I can say is WOW! In between teaching and training I have caught over 50% of the fights from this weekend, and it has been nothing short of amazing. If you have not seen the results, don't look further. VOD will be available from later this evening. I want to say they are charging $15. A steal!!!! If you paid for the stream you will get it for no additional fee.

Here is video of arguably the best match of the tourney; Marcello Garcia vs. Kron Gracie (Ricksons son): A virtual clinic on open and closed guard by two of the best!

Results below thanks to Kid Peligro!

Fabricio Werdum v Saulo Ribeiro Werdum by ref decision 2 OT

Jeff Monson v Robert Abreu _ Abreu by ref decision 2 OT

Xande Ribeiro vs Vinny Magalhaes - Xande by points 4 x 0 OT

Gerard Rinaldi vs Glover Teixeira - Rinaldi by points 5 x 0 OT

Andre Galvao vs David Avellan - Galvao by points 2 x 0

Braulio Estima vs Rafael Lovato - Braulio by submission foot lock

Marcelo Garcia vs K-Taro Nakamura - Garcia by choke

Rubens Cobrinha vs Rani Yahia - Charles by submission - Kimura

Pablo Popovitch vs Gregor Gracie - Pablo by points 3 x 0

Leo vieira vs Rafael Mendes - Mendes by sub choke OT

Penny thomas v Cristiane Cyborg - Thomas by points -2 x -1 OT

Hillary Williams vs Sayaka Shioda - Shioda by Submission arm-lock

Rosangela Conceicao v Hannette Staack - Staack by Judges Decision 2 OT

Luana Allzuguir vs Laurence Cousin - Alzuguir by choke 2 OT

3rd Place Matches:

Over 99KG:Jeff Monson vs Saulo Ribeiro - Monson by Judges Decision 2 OT

Under 99Kg Vinny Magalhaes v Glover Teixeira - Magalhaes by submission arm-lock

Under 88KG Rafael Lovato vs David Avellan - Avelan by sub foot-lock

Under 77KG Gregor Gracie vs K-taro Nakamura - Gracie by pts 10 x 0

under 66 Jeff Glover vs Ryan Hall (Vieira and yahia out with injuries) - Hall by pts 3 x 2

Ladies U60 KG Laurence Cousin v Hillary Williams - Williams by pts

Ladies Over 60 KG Cristiane Cyborg vs Rosangela conceicao - Cristiane Cyborg by jduges Decision


Over 99Kg - Fabricio Werdum vs Roberto Cyborg - werdum by pts 9 (-4) x 0

under 99KG - Xande ribeiro vs Gerardi Rinaldi - Xande by points 2 x 0

under 88KG - Braulio Estima vs Andre Galvao - Braulio by submission triangle

under 77KG - Pablo Popovitch vs Marcelo Garcia - Popovitch by points 3(-1) x 2(-1)

under 66KG - Rubens cahrles vs Rafael Mendes - Mendes by pts 7 x 4 2OT

Ladies Over 60KG Penny Thomas vs Hannette Staack - Staack by submission knee-bar

Under 60KG Luana Alzuguir v Sayaka Shioda - Alzuguir by pts 3 x 0


Marcelo Garcia v Bruno Bastos - Garcia by submission choke OT

Braulio Estima v Janne Pekka Pietilainen - Brualio by submission arm-lock

Dean Lister v Vinny Magalhaes - Magalhaes by Judges Decision 2OT

Chris Weidman v Antoine Jaoude - Weidman by pts 3 x 0

Ricco Rodrigues v Xande Ribeiro - xande byy submission key-lock

Andre Galvao v Tom de Blass - Galvao by pts 3 x 0

Jeff Monson v Gunnar Nelson - Nelson by pts 3 x 0 2 OT

Roberto abreu v David Avellan - Avelan by Judges decision 2 OT

Quarter Finals

Marcelo Garcia v Braulio Estima - Braulio by sub choke

Vinny Magalhaes v Chris Weideman - Magalhaes by sub arm-lock

Xande Ribeiro v Andre Galvao - Xande by pts 3 (-1) x 0

Gunnar Nelson v David Avelan


Xande Ribeiro vs Gunnar Nelson - Xande by Submission Knee-bar

Braulio Estima v Vinny Magalhaes - Braulio by pts 3 x 0


Xande Ribeiro v Braulio Estima - Braulio by saubmission arm-bar

September 23, 2009

ADCC A Look at the Fighters

Kid Peligro over at has broken down each weight category of the upcoming Abu Dhabi Championships. I am not sure how many of my readers check out his posts so I wanted to compile what he has written so far in this post. This year promises to be one of the most competitive tournaments ever!

JABADCC 2009 takes place next weekend in Barcelona, Spain. The event has the top submission fighters in the World competing in 5 weight categories for men with 16 fighters each and 2 women weight categories with 8 fighters each plus absolute.

U77 - U88 Divisions:
Under 77KG Division is perhaps the easiest/harder to handicap, with prohibitive favorite Marcelo Garcia in the division. Having won the last 3 ADCC titles Garcia is a favorite to repeat and would be considered an upset not to, however he has not competed much in the last two years (won the Worlds in '09) so competition rust may give others a chance.

Other contenders are Murilo Santana (winner of Brazil Trials), Pablo Popovich, Kron and Gregor Gracie and darkhorse in my view is Ben Askren. Santana's victory of the Brazil trials automatically puts him as a challenger, experience in ADCC matches is a big deal and he has that. Pablo Popovich always seem to get to the finals and has succumbed to Garcia each time. If he doesn't have anything new to show you'd expect the same but his game is tight and he can surprise a rusty Marcelo. Kron and Gregor Gracie are new blood with little or no ADCC/No Gi experience so it remains to be seen what they do but their BJJ career and last name always carry interest. Ben Askren is a top wrestler that can make life difficult for many, if he understand the rules and plays the game right he will win fights and can be the competition's dark horse

1. Marcelo Garcia. Brazil
2. K-taro Nakamura. Japan
3. Murilo Santana. Brazil
4. Marcelo Azevedo. Italy
5. Toni Linden. Finland
6. Don Ortega. USA
7. Rodney Ellis. Australia
8. Enrico Cocco. USA
9. Pablo Popovich. USA
10. Kron Gracie. Brazil
11. Yoshiyuki Yoshida. Japan
12. Mike Fowler. USA
13. Ben Askren. USA
14. Gregor Gracie. Brazil
15. Milton Viera. Brazil
16. Leo Santos. Brazil

The Under 88KG division is one of the most stacked divisions int he event. Names like Andre Galvao, Braulio Estima, Tarsys Humphries, Rafael Lovato Jr, David Avellan alone are enough to make best of the best. If Gavao shows up with the same intensity, preparation and technique that he did in the Brazil tirals he is a favorite. Braulio has been a top fighter for some time and his 2nd place to Xande in a higher weight division in '07 dictates he is a force to be recogned with. Thees two are my choices to make the finals. Tarsys Humphries had an impressive '07 ADCC campaign and has been on a tear lately. Depending on the bracket (he doesn't match up well against Galvao) he has a great chance to be in the finals. Lovato Jr is one of the top American fighters and should contend, in my view his only fault is that he likes to fight from the bottom and counter and that doesn't play well in ADCC's rules. David Avellan is a tough competitor with ADCC experience, a good stand up game and solid ground, he could upset many and be int he podium

1. André Galvão. Brazil
2. Yuji Arai. Japan
3. Gunnar Nelson. Iceland
4. Tarsis Humphreys. Brazil
5. Trond Saksenvik. Norway
6. Jorge Santiago. Brazil
7. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia
8. Chris Weidman. USA
9. David Avellan. USA
10. Rafael Lovato. USA
11. Braulio Estima. Brazil
12. Daniel Tabera. Spain
13. Kassim Annan. France
14. James Brasco. USA
15. Bruno Bastos. Brazil
16. Tom Lawlor. USA

Under 65kg division:
This week we'll be taking a look at each and handicap possible winners, first the Under 65KG men:

This is an unofficial list of the -65KG:


1. Rani Yahya. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Kouhei Yasumi. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. Rafael Mendes. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Nicolas Renier. France (European Trials winner)

5. Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas. Finland (European Champion)

6. Ryan Hall. USA (North American West coast Trials winner)

7. David Marinakis. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Jayson Patino. USA (North American East coast Trials winner)

9. Leo Vieira

10. Baret Yoshida

11. Jeff Glover

12. Rubens Charles Maciel

13. Hiroshi Nakamura

14. Justin Rader

15. Jeff Curran

16. Joel Tudor

This is a tough division indeed with former champion Leo Vieira coming back hungry and current champion Rani Yahia returning to defend his title. Other top contenders should be Rubens "Cobrinha", Ryan Hall and Rafael Mendes. Dark horses Joel Tudor and Jeff Curran.


Leo Vieira: Handicapping Leo Vieira is always difficult, talent wise he is one of the best if not the best in the category still but distractions of 2 new kids and the efforts of developing his new team CheckMat may get in the way of his focus and training. If he shows up in top shape he is the favorite in my view

Rani Yahia: Rany has been in the finals the last 2 ADCC events splitting the title with Leo Vieira. Rani is a fierce competitor and a great technician. His setback with the Gi in the American Nationals served to awaken the fire inside of him even more (as if he needed) look for him to be at the finals again

Rubens "Cobrinha" has dominated his division the last few years and should be one of the favorites, the only questions is how well his game adapts to the ADCC rules and how he will fare if he meets with Rafael Mendes along the way. Cobrinha is undoubtedly one of the best in the world and if he performs up to par he can take the title.

Rafael Mendes won the ADCC trials Brazil and that is no small feat. Mendes is a 50/50 guard specialist and more. His game is very tight and difficult to figure out and with ADCC expanded use of knee and foot-locks his guard and grape-vining legs will cause trouble to many

Ryan Hall is a submission specialist. His guard and triangles are lethal and he is definitly a dark horse in my eyes. His only drawback in my eyes is his size as he is small for the division and ADCC demands a lot of power in every division

Jeff Curran is an MMA star returning to his roots, his game is very good and effective to be in the top four. One would have to question is the effects of training and focusing in MMA will have in his timing

Joel Tudor is the dark horse of the field. Having just submitted current champion Rani with a triangle Joel will surprise many with other aspects of his game. A good draw will greatly help his prospects of reaching top four.

More to come.....

September 20, 2009

The Hammer & The Nail - Abu Dhabi NW Regionals

Several members of the NWJJA , under the tutelage of Brian Johnson, competed in the first NW Abu Dhabi Regional held in Auburn, WA. this past weekend. Everyone fought well and overall Brian was pleased with our performance. Big thanks to those who footed the $15 entry fee and supported us.

The tournament as a whole was very well ran with all aspects being exceptionally professional. Other tournament directors could learn a thing or four from Brett Boyce and his smooth operation of the tournament.

One reason we were done by 1pm is the extremely low attendance. One can only speculate as to the reasoning but a $75 entry fee, coupled with $15 general admission ticket for anyone supporting you, could very well have been an issue in these economic times. I heard a few fighters complain about the absence of a pro seminar on Friday night, which was offered in New Jersey, and Vegas but missing from Auburn, and Grand Rapids. I am willing to bet there were fewer than 80 people competing, including kids!

"Scrappy" Phil Kleffner brought the heat in the intermediate lightweight division. Winning both of his matches via submission Phil took first place!

Mike "Shadow" Robinson brought home the silver in the 180# intermediate division with two heated fights that went the distance. Mike fought a tough fight, but lost on points in his second match.

My "Most Impressive Grappler" award would have to go to Chris "We need to find Chris a nickname" Webb. Though he got edged out of competition, Chris has made the most significant improvement since I first met him at NWJJA. He has stepped up and challenged himself in ways many are fearful of doing, and has improved dramatically because of it! Losing over 40#'s, becoming more focused, and challenging himself by competing in tough tournaments.

Chris and I fought in the intermediate absolute division (it should be noted that Chris got "beat" by a sandbagging asshole wrestler in his first absolute match) and he brought the fight to me like no ones business! He did well and more importantly has improved ten fold since he started! Congrats Chris.

Cash Cab on the other hand played more the part of the nail than anything. I had only one other chap in my division but he was a no show, so they bumped me to the advanced heavyweight division. The two gentleman I fought were awesome sportsmen and solid grapplers, though I walked away feeling I was better. Quite simply I got caught in two submissions. The first guy tapped me with a nutcracker, which for those of you lucky enough to have had done to you lately, McFarland has been doing it for weeks, and it pisses me off that I did not see it coming! Set it up just like John does threatening the key lock!

My second match I simply made a mistake and let him catch my head and arm together. Rookie move. Painful lesson learned.

In the intermediate absolute I rolled against Russian Ivan, whom was previously thought to be one of our members, but at the tournament Ivan rolled under the Ivan Salaverry camp. Ivan showed up late so missed his division, Boyce allowed him to roll in the absolute so he was fresh. I was his first match. Ivan ended up beating me by 8 or 9 points. He simply sat on top of me in side control and pinned me. Ivan even lost a point for passivity, but he was too strong for any of my escapes or sweep attempts. In the final the douche bag sandbagging wrestler mentioned before, beat Ivan 29-0.

All in all it was a very positive experience. Congrats to those who won. Well deserved. Everyone walked away with a checklist of things that need work, and with the pride and valor of those who put it on the line and stepped on the mat!

If you get the opportunity to compete in one of the Abu Dhabi Regionals, do it! Well worth the experience!

Train hard, train smart,

September 13, 2009

ADCC Live on PPV

I am not real sure how this works but it appears that they are going to offer a live stream, with video on demand (vod) after the tournament, of the Abu Dhabi Fights in Barcelona, Spain Sept. 26-27th. More info can be found here.

Keep in mind the tourney will feature 3 mats going constantly, with one mat dedicated solely to championship matches. VOD services will be available for a limited time, until Oct. 13th, of all matches.

I do not know if this will be live (I assume) or time delayed. Keep in mind that Spain is 8 hours ahead of us west coasters (PST).

Some amazing matches are sure to be had at this years prestigious event. See above for a list of fighters. Also check out ADCCBarcelona for more info, or click here for a breakdown of each weight division.


July 6, 2009

Start Training as It's Official: ADCC Regional Tourney in Seattle, WA.

Its official... Abu Dhabi will host the NW Regional Tourney here in Seattle, WA. on Sept. 19th 2009. More details to come.

All those intermediate and above should note that all leg attacks are legal including heel hooks. Start training defense (as well as offense) guys.

For more information check back here, or visit

The following skill levels is for all Grappling disciplines. Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, etc… If you have 5 years of Judo and 1 year of Jiu Jitsu, you have 6 years of experience. Any sandbaggers caught will loose their registration money and be banned from any future ADCC event.

Men Skill Levels: (Both 18-34 and 35+age classes)

Novice: 0 - 6 months - Time - 4 minutes
Beginner: 1 year and under - Time - 4 minutes
Intermediate: 1 - 3 Years - Time - 6 minutes
Expert: 3 Years and over - Time - 8 minutes

Men Weight Classes:

65.9 Kg and under (145lbs)
66 to 76.9 Kg (145.2lbs - 169.2lbs)
77 to 87.9 Kg (169.4lbs - 193.4lbs)
88 to 98.9 Kg (193.6lbs - 217.6lbs)
99 Kg and over (217.8lbs)

Women Skill Levels: (Both 18-34 and 35+age classes)

Beginner: 1 Year and under - Time - 4 minutes
Intermediate 2 - 3 Years - Time - 6 minutes
Expert: 3 Years and above - Time - 8 minutes

Women Weight Classes:

51.9kg and under (114lbs)
52 - 58.9kg (114.5 - 129.5lbs)
59 - 65.9kg (130 - 145lbs)
66kg and over (145.5lbs)

See you on the mat!