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November 30, 2014

Jiu Jitsu World League

Professor Rigan Machado has a brand new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament format called the Jiu Jitsu World League that will be premiering January 17th 2015 in Irvine CA.  Lets spread word and get out and support any and all formats that encourage the growth and movement of BJJ in lieu of stagnant advantage counting. 
What a way to start 2015!!

April 19, 2014

2014 World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championships - Results

The 2014 World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championships were held this past weekend in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and we become witness once again the beauty of highly competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where submissions are sought and executed at the highest level.  Ace Jiu Jitsu's very own Buchecha shows why there is no question nor doubt to the proclamation that he is the best in the world! 

-64kg                                                                            -94kg
1. Joao Miyao                                                              1. Braulio Estima
2. Tiago Bravo                                                             2. Tarcisio Jardim

-70kg                                                                           -100kg
1. Leo Saggioro                                                           1. Rodolfo Vieira
2. Jedrzej Loska                                                          2. Luiz Panza

-76kg                                                                           100kg+
1. Roberto Satoshi                                                       1. Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida
2. Sergio Benini                                                           2. Alex Trans

-82kg                                                                         Absolute
1. Leo Lo                                                                    1. Marcus Buchecha
2. Victor Estima                                                           2. Rodolfo Vieira
                                                                                   3. Andre Galvao
-88kg                                                                         4. Keenan Cornelius

1. Andre Galvao
2. Romulo Barral

-60kg                                                                          -72kg
1. Ariande Oliveira                                                       1. Janni Larsson
2. Nadia Canal                                                             2. Pollyanna Lago

-66kg                                                                           72kg +
1. Luiza Monteiro                                                         1. Gabi Garcia
2. Beatriz Mesquita                                                      2. Dominika Obelenyte

1. Gabi Garcia
2. Janni Larsson
3. Bia Mesquita

January 12, 2014

Buchecha Teaches the Bow and Arrow Choke

Multi time world champ, and whom many consider the best in the world right now, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida is an instructor at Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA. and has offered some of his trade secrets to being a dominant submission specialist in a Hayabusa video series. 

Check out Matt Wang getting choked by Buchecha's Bow & Arrow:

August 21, 2013

Double Dose of BJJ Scout

The powers that be over at BJJ Scout felt guilty for taking a week off, so us lucky followers get a double dose scouting reporting on Rodolfo Vieira's Guard Passing!  Rodolfo has an incredible guard passing game and can arguably be called the BEST pressure passer in the game today.  To read the entire analysis click here or to Check out part one of BJJ Scout's Guard Passing video study:

And then the scout takes on a Positional Case Study examining the crossface Vieira is known for, as well as how Buchecha has countered the cross face pressure pass.  A lot can be gleaned from BJJ Scout's videos!  Check it out:

April 14, 2013

2013 World Pro Jiu Jitsu Tournament Results and Video

For the fifth straight year the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, played host to the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Tournament where the best of the best come to compete, and be crowned champion (with the added incentive of cash prizes!) in the realm of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Shorter (6 minutes) matches ensure constant action where stalling and playing boring jiu jitsu gets you penalized.  Though anyone can enter, winners of the various trial's throughout the world in the past year were given a paid trip to Dubai (type in airfare to Dubai from your hometown... you will see why this is a big deal;) where cash money and bragging rights pave the road of ambition.

Quick Results:
  • Tiago Marques over Samuel Herzog via triangle
  • Tanquinho wins on points over Cobrinha
  • Leo Lo over Lucas Lepri via points
  • Marcus Souza over Vitor Estima on points
  • Andre Galvao gets the win over Barral via injury (Barral's leg got injured during a sweep attempt by Galvao)
  • Rodolfo Viera bow & arrow chokes Pedro Peres
  • Brago Neto over Jose Junior on points
  • Rodrigo Cavaca defeats his student, Buchecha, 7-2 
  • Michelle Nicolini over Mackenzie Dern via points
  • Bia Mesquita wins via points over Luanna Alzuguir
  • Caroline de Lazzer over Fernando Mazzelli via advantages
  • Gabby Garcia chokes Tammy Grieco
A few notes on the matches... Viera is a beast in beast mode ready to rip off limbs.  Constantly attacking and moving, he impressed me most in the matches I saw.  For instance here is the win versus Pedro Peres:

The heavyweight finals found Ace Jiu Jitsu coach Buchecha fighting his teacher Cavaca, which is just awesome!  Here is what Buchecha had to say about fighting his coach:
"For us it was like a dream come true to get to the finals together because we have dreamt about it since 2010 when I got my black belt. We never close out any tournaments so we’re happy that we have reached that goal. And we are happy to do a fight because we don’t like close outs– that’s why we decided to fight."

I really admire this attitude!  Nice to see the fighters recognizing that folks pay good money to see good jiu jitsu, regardless of affiliation.  Someone do us a solid and translate this into Portuguese and send to the Miyao brothers please.

On another note... when do you think Gabby Garcia will want to challenge herself?  I am not sure I have a solid answer for the girl, but watching her demolish her competition is not nearly as exciting as watching Godzilla tear through downtown Tokyo!  Not to any one's surprise Garcia won the absolute as well.  She does not seem challenged, and the overwhelming size difference makes me wonder just how technical she is.  Fighting in the mens division is a lose - lose for all involved but what other solutions are there?

As for the male absolute we were treated to a rematch of last years bout between Buchecha and Rodolfo Viera.  I will say these three short things: AMAZING transition and sweep work on both parts / I would HATE to ref this match & the mutual respect and sportsmanship at the end should be required viewing by every student in every academy!

All in all a great tournament, and quality jits!  Glad to see the players getting some of the money they deserve as professional athletes.   


March 3, 2013

Buchecha and The Science of Skill

Late last year I had a great opportunity to train with Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida here in the Seattle area, and piggy backing off my post my good friend  Daniel Faggella over at The Science of Skill shared his thoughts on Buchecha and his approach to leg attacks which can be viewed by clicking this hyperlink.
Dan and I have talked about this privately and he feels Buchecha still is NOT getting the respect he deserves from the BJJ community, which is a bold statement for sure but not unfounded.  Buchecha is literally tearing through competition and with the upcoming 2013 Pan Am's coming up, if any doubters still exist my prediction is they will be silenced. 

Keep in mind these are biased opinions coming from Dan and myself since we both are self admitted leg lock addicts as is Buchecha!  After reading Daniels post on Buchecha's leg attacks head on over to BJJ Leglocks to sneak a peak at what Daniel has to offer when it comes to training leg attacks.

Going Imanari style on the big dudes:

January 30, 2013

Buchecha vs. James Puopolo WPJJ Trials 2013

Our friend Buchecha representing Ace JJ &, Checkmat,  hunting legs in San Diego, CA. at the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Trials which he went on to win.  Congrats! 

January 10, 2013

Coach Asa Fuller on "This Week in BJJ"

Budo Jake runs a weekly web cast called "This Week In BJJ" and the first show of the season features our good friend and coach Asa Fuller in an hour long sit down interview followed by a few self defense techniques.  Asa is a first degree black belt under Cleber Luciano, and the head coach at Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA.  alongside Chris Thue, Tim Cartmell, oh and this one guy teaches several days a week.... Buchecha, I think is the name.  Pretty much considered THE best in the world BJJ wise (and Ace has one of the coolest logo's out there)! 

Many do not realize just how experienced Asa is both in regards to training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also competition (made it to the ADCC a few years back in Spain!).  The amount of experience and level of skill at Ace Jiu Jitsu certainly qualifies it for one of southern California's best kept secrets considering the student to black belt ratio on any given evening is 5-1, 7-1 on a busy night!

Check out the interview and techniques segment below:

January 7, 2013

Machado Interview In Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

For just over 2 years now Jiu Jitsu Style has climbed its way to the top of grappling based magazines available, and held that position STRONG!   In their first issue of 2013 they hit it off with an interview with Carlos, Roger and Jean (John Machado's son) Machado talking about the birth of BJJ in America, structuring classes, the difference between promotions in Brazil and North America, along with a handful of great topics!

If you have not already subscribed make sure you do it today.  Jiu Jitsu Style is THE magazine on the market for grapplers of all backgrounds!  Rather hard to find on the newsstands, you can subscribe via any number of formats (iPad/iPhone/single issues / subscriptions etc) by clicking here!

October 10, 2012

Metamoris: The Breakdown and Prediction

Everyone is talking about the Metamoris event this weekend that brings together some of the top grapplers in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and it seems damn near required to put up some predictions if you run a blog.  As per usual  I am late to the party, but here goes my short list of predictions for Sundays big superfight.  I am hoping to watch it live!

Important factors to remember:
  • 20 minute matches
  • No Points
  • All Gi
  • Submission Only
Kayron Gracie vs. Rafale Lovato Jr.

This has potential to be the sleeper hit of the event IMHO.  Kayron has a wicked open guard that will match up well against RLJ's pressure passing style and system.  Kayron does not have the competition experience that Lovato brings to the mat, but I am not convinced that an extensive resume at IBJJF events will pay dividends for anyone at Metamoris.  No points changes the attitude and strategy of the match, where positional dominance means nothing without a tap!

I see RLJ with a side control arm attack!

Jeff Glover vs. Caio Terra

Man a lot of murmurings about this re-match where Caio has promised "not to fall for any of Glovers tricks" this time (not sure exactly what that means).  These guys are 120% when points are being counted, I CANNOT wait to see a submission only, no points, gi match with these two.  I cannot guarantee anything but I can promise this...roid free excitement shall ensue! 
My personal opinion is that Glover is much more technical with the gi, though he has not been fighting a lot with the gi over the past years.  Terra is slick though and will be sure to bring some crazy sweeps and movement to the fight. 

I see Glover nailing a choke (hmmmm, shall we say a "Slarce"!?) in a mad transitional scramble early in the match.
The first meeting of these two:

Dean Lister vs. Xande Ribeiro:

Man I tell you no one, NO ONE, is giving the Boogey Man much credit in his match up against Xande who is fresh off of a win at the World Masters last weekend.  And that aspect right there just might be the deciding factor; how brushed up is Lister fighting in the gi?  We all know his prowess in no gi cannot be questioned, and keep in mind he trained through brown belt with Fabio Santos eventually earning black belt under one of Santos' senior black belts.  But Xande is a competing machine who is well versed in the slower aspect of gi grappling.

Those factors aside I think Dean is going to pull out the submission as he is renown for his constant attacking style and crazy submissions that most of us have never seen (google Dean Lister Kimura variations and tell me how many you end up with!?!?). 


I say if this fights goes into the 15+ minute mark Xande will eek out a choke, but I can see Boogey Man nailing a kimura or Americana early (Xande will be savvy to the foot lock game I think). 

Kron Gracie vs. Otavio Sousa:

Kron is the epitome of why we watch grappling; unpredictable, fast, offensive almost to the point of reckless abandon, Kron is a true warrior who is game!  Then you have Sousa... who is one of the most promising fighters to come along in BJJ in quite some time, and much like Kron is game to fight anyone anywhere it seems. 
This too will be a rematch of sorts as Kron has beat Sousa at brown belt 4 years ago with an awesome knee bar, and just this year Kron lost to Sousa at the Pan Am's due to an injury!  So this match up proves to be enticing as both of these guys have some unfinished business with the other. 

Kron's strength lies in his back to basics approach via his father Rickson, where Kron's strongest position is guard.  Sousa is no fool and will do his best to avoid the closed guard of Kron for sure, hoping to work his wicked back mount game.  One word in the first sentence of this paragraph is the deal breaker here... Rickson.  He is surely going to be cornering his son and his vision on the mat and knowledge gives Kron an uncanny advantage! 

Hate to puss out on everyone but I think this is the most evenly matched fight on the card and I must make my predictions with caveat's.... if Kron closes his guard then I see a triangle or arm bar finish.  If Sousa stays out of Kron's guard and takes the back, I really do not see Kron getting out... therefore Sousa by bow and arrow!

Andre Galvao vs. Ryron Gracie:

Here is another match that will be similar to the Lovato / Gracie fight in that Ryron is limited in his competition experience, but the handful of tournaments he has done are no point / submission only events!  So while Galvao certainly has the advantage in terms of experience in IBJJF events, the format of Metamoris actually favors Ryron here. 

I have little info to go off of regarding Ryron as there is not much online of him fighting. I will say this... if his style/attitude is anything like his brother Rener's then I think he just might pull out the upset here!  Galvao often plays a very safe (dare one say boring) fight, so I am not sure how he will stack up against someone always moving and flowing like Ryron.  Another factor is how bulked up Galvao shows up!  I have seen him put on a lot of mass over the past few years.  Not sure if it is natural or not, but it could slow someone down significantly in a submission only match. 

Going out on a limb here and saying Gracie with a choke!

Roger Gracie vs. Buchecha:

Here we are, the main event.  Folks are billing this as the best of the best fighting the best of the best.  I think it is a big early to be equating this to the Thrilla' in Manila, but you cannot deny that you are all curious! 

Roger Gracie has been a dominant force in BJJ winning an unprecedented 14 times through his career, beating the likes of everyone from Marcelo Garcia (yeah, that one), to Romual Barral; from Xande to Telles!  Oh... and did I mention he finishes something like 90% of his opponents via submission such as the Ezikiel from mount. 

Enter new and upcoming champ Buchecha who has taken the BJJ world by storm this year winning EVERYTHING he has entered with impressive fashion.  Strong as an Ox!  Fast as lightning!  Buchecha will bring the fire and surely will not disappoint as a headliner. 

Roger has solid basic's but he has not been competing this year in BJJ, focusing much on his MMA career which looked a bit shaky last time out due to a massive weight cut.  Experience wise Roger has the upper hand.  Buchecha has the lungs and stamina of a workhorse though and can easily fight for 20 minutes or more.  I feel the longer the fight goes the more it will favor Buchecha.

Buchecha makes one mistake though and allows Roger to mount or even back mount and it is done.  It is paramount that he keeps a tight, focused game.  I have not seen anyone really attack Roger's leg's through the years so I am curious as to how good his defense is. 

This will end with Roger's arm in the air with an arm bar submission.

Unfortunately our very own Porfessor Jean Jacques Machado will not be fighting as scheduled due to his opponent Nelson Monteiro being recovering from a car accident.  We certainly wish Prof Nelson the speediest of recoveries! 

Let the betting begin, and by all means let me know if you agree or not by leaving a comment!
No matter then outcome this is a breakthrough event for professional BJJ!  Top fighters getting compensated to fight in a format that will leave fan's breathless!  No controversial ref decisions.  No boring stall's 5 minutes in because someon has 2 points more.  No counting advantages.  Just plain ol' Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


September 5, 2012

Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational

All I know is what you see below, but I can promise you this... it is going to be the BOMB!!!!  San Diego, October 14th, 20 minute matches, submission only.  The site is supposed to launch today! And though I couldn't find any definition of Metamoris, it must be from an archaic language that simply means Frickin' BJJ Awesomeness!!!

August 24, 2012

Braulio Estima Makes His MMA Debut

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert, and ADCC world champ Braulio Estima will be making his MMA debut in Kansas City (sorry dude) at the TFC 24!  Make sure to tune in to AXS TV (used to be HD Net) to watch the live fight.

Just before turning on the boob tube, sitting down to crack open that cold brewski, and sparking that pinner... make sure to swing on over to North Sound Seminar Dot Com to register for the Buchecha seminar tomorrow (only about 4-5 spots left guys!!).  Just in case you have been floating in a space station orbiting Mars lately... here is a nice little highlight clip someone put together on Buchecha (whom by the way is rumored to be fighting Roger Gracie in a super fight at the World Masters and Seniors!!  Bummer I most likely will miss it):

August 20, 2012

Buchecha Invades the Pacific NW This Saturday

Click here to check out all the details, but keep in mind world champion Buchecha is going to be at North Sound BJJ this weekend offering a 3 hour seminar for a measly $85!!  This is an opportunity to train with arguably the best grappler on the planet right now (and rumor has it he rolls with everyone at seminars!  Just a rumor, but a damn accurate one from what I understand!)

Click here to link to the site to register for Saturdays seminar!

A short list of his achievements:

Main Achievements
  • 4x World Champion (2010 brown & absolute, 2009 purple weight & absolute);
  • 6x World Nogi Champion (2011 black weight & absolute, 2010 black weight & absolute, 2009 brown & absolute);
  • 4x World Cup Champion (2009 brown – weight and absolute, 2008 blue – weight and absolute)
  • 3x Pan American Champion (2010 brown, 2012 Black weight and absolute);
  • 3x World Pro Cup Trials Champion (2010, 2012 weight & absolute)
  • SP Cup Champion (2010 WLPJJ)
  • 2x Miami Open Champion (2010 black, weight & absolute – closed bracket with team mate);
  • 3x Brazilian National Champion (2010 brown, weight & absolute, 2008 purple);
  • Brazilian Teams Champion (2008 purple)
  • World Silver Medallist (2011 black)

August 8, 2012

Marcus "Buchecha" Oliveira de Almeida Invades the Puget Sound

Officially it is Marcus Vinicius Oliveira de Almeida but it seems his nickname "Buchecha" is a bit easier to remember.  Still have no clue who I am talking about?  Really?  Well do yourself a favor and sign up for one of the remaining dozen spots left in what has become Washington's best kept secret;

6 x World Champ 
Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar

August 25, 2012

North Sound BJJ
Lake Stevens, WA.

Ace Jiu Jitsu is fortunate enough to have Buchecha teaching on a weekly basis, and my coach and friend Tim Cartmell had this to say; "He is an enthusiastic and excellent teacher who breaks down techniques very well.  His competition mindset and drills are unique and valuable.  We are so fortunate to have access to a true champion like Buchecha."

And for those of you interested in the latest "fad" of not training the gi.... keep in mind that Buchecha is a 6 x World No gi champion who believes firmly that training in the gi is essential!  So borrow your buddies "pajama's" and come join us to take your grappling to another level!

Seriously my broski Scotty called last night and said their are just a handful of spots left, do not procrastinate (sorry for the big words Kelland!) and click the link above to reserve your spot and check out easily!  Or if you are not interested in training with the best... stay home and sit on the couch while the rest of us train with the best grappler in the world right now.  

Some AMAZING talent coming up here so make sure you take advantage.  Check back here at the Ground Never Misses for announcements about possible private lesson opportunities too.

Train Hard.  Train Smart. 

June 7, 2012

Buchecha; The Reigning Champ

Marcus Vinicius Oliveira de Almeida, or as most of the world now knows him: "Buchecha" has quickly become the best in the world winning this years Pan Am's, and now taking double gold at the 2012 World Championships in the super heavy and absolute divisions tearing through opponents such as Tussa Alencar, Rodolfo Vieira, and Bernardo Faria just to name a few.  In the 2012 Worlds Buchecha amassed 6 submissions, beating his remaining opponents with a combined 20-13 pretty much ensuring the next year will be his to bask in the glory as being the best in the sport of BJJ!

Student of Rodrigo Cavaca, (who gave Marcus his nickname Buchecha, which basically means "chubby cheeks," referencing Marcus being a bit overweight), Buchecha is now in the US teaching exclusively at Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA. alongside head instructors Asa Fuller, Chris Thue, and Tim Cartmell. 

I have yet to have the honor to train with the man, but from what I have heard he is an amazing instructor with solid English and is VERY much competition oriented focusing on unique drills and a sport oriented approach to the art.  He is teaching group classes at Ace as well as taking a limited number of private students.  For more information contact Ace JJ: 714-964-4488 or stop by at 18225 Brookhurst St. (right off the 405) Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

Speaking of competition and its role in your approach to BJJ, just what elements factor into your decision to train under a certain instructor?  Is his/her competition record a factor?  Rank?  Affiliation?  Before checking out Buchecha kicking ass below take a moment and vote on my poll to the right ---------------->