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March 9, 2015

Machado Talks About the Hammer and the Nail

Make sure to check out Prof Carlos Machado's latest article in issue #24 of Jiu Jitsu Style where he offers sage advice on humility, learning from all our partners, as well as the ebb and flow of training.  Check out the "Hammer and the Nail" on your local newsstand now! 

November 23, 2012

Book Review: "Putting the Pieces Together" By Carlos Machado

It has almost become cliche hearing that us practitioners of the gentle arts should "apply the principles we learn on the mat, off of it" yet very rarely do we actually see it being applied.  Professor Carlos Machado, recently promoted to 9th degree, just released his first book "Putting the Pieces Together."   Parlaying over four decades of knowledge and skill acquired into a book of quotes, Carlos has written a book that people can read and apply the principles too in every facet of life.

Broken into six chapters over 145 pages we see short parables and quotes that come from different angles; Achievement / Encouragement / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Learning & Knowledge / Love / Wisdom.  I like the fact that you can literally take one quote per day and really use that short phrase or drop of knowledge shared as a meditation throughout the day.  No need to power through the complete text, and as a matter of fact I think you miss the point if you do so.

They say it is not the years, its the miles.  If that is the case then Carlos has racked up enough frequent flier miles to cover this planet called life ten times over.  Drawing on his experiences as a high level grappling competitor, father, instructor to thousands of students, husband, business owner, uncle... I mean the list goes on.  I can think of no other more qualified to bridge the gap between the mat and life.

Interjecting his trademark humor and humble attitude, Carlos Machado shines forth in his first attempt at print.  I have had the fortune to train under Prof Machado on several occasions and he always waxes some philosophy on the mat.  "Putting the Pieces Together" is simply an extension of the lessons we take away from the mat.
 From "Putting the Pieces Together:"
"Quotes are like pieces of experiences, the quotes summarize in a line or two a lesson learned for life. The hope is always to save others from our grief and share with them our joy. Quotes of the same subject almost resemble the layers in an onion. You have to shed them layer by layer until you reach the core. Eternal truths have been said all along yet there is always a way to revisit them. Tailored in our own words and experiences, we express our life through quotes. Quotes often come through inspiration or desperation depending upon which aspect of life we are dealing with. Either side of an experience, good or bad, always stays a part of what we treasure and also what we dread. It is up to us to choose what to remember, what to forget and what to pass on. Out of the randomness of life we pick the pieces up and put them together...Putting the Pieces Together"

"I am not here to teach martial arts, but to change lives"
Retailing at $17.99 you can purchase "Putting the Pieces Together" by Carlos Machado  by clicking here to be redirected to RCJ Shop,  Or if you prefer Amazon then by all means click here!   Either way this title makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the martial artist, philosopher, or just the avid reader looking for inspiration.