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November 25, 2015

Combat Flip Flops

Being a day late to throwing a big thank you out there for our Veterans on the 11th, I wanted to give a quick shout out to Combat Flip Flops.  Based in Bellevue, WA. Combat Flip Flops offers not only the namesake sandals, but also sarongs, and hard to find shemagh.  

Veteran owned.  This company supports those in need on a local level by building and supporting factories run by women in Afghanistan where education is the goal.  Think of these types of companies when shopping this holiday season.  Make your dollar work a bit harder and better. 

Unfortunately they do not offer manly sized footwear of 15+ or I would offer a review, but those dainty footed folk should check out their selection none the less. 

April 26, 2014

Using the Scarf as a Weapon: The Kali Way

One of the fundamental concepts of Kali is fluid transition and constant movement with any weapon at hand.  Fundamental techniques and foundational footwork training allow anything in your hands to become a weapon, even such things as scarfs or sarongs.  Classified as flexible weapons, this video showcases Guro's Doug Marcaida and Jeff Davidson last year offering another awesome learning opportunity from the Brotherhood of the Blade.

Smooth, fluid, devastating... would you guys be interested in a Brotherhood of the Blade gathering out here on the west coast?  We train Kali every Wednesday night at 6pm, and Saturday mornings at 9am.  Come out and play!  In the meantime study these clips.