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February 18, 2015

Royce Gracie Chimes In on PED's In Mixed Martial Arts

It is scientifically impossible to prove whether continuously being choked out, or PED's (performance enhancing drugs) are the root cause for such ignorant and naive statements to come from Royce Gracie, but here is what he offered to on the recent subject of PED's in MMA:

“It shows that the system is working,” “You’re trying to look at the bad side, I’m looking at the good side. Instead of trying to encourage people, ‘Oh, let’s ban MMA because everybody is doing drugs, let’s ban NASCAR because they’re advertising drinking and driving.’ Let’s look at the good side. The system is working. Let’s not try to put down the fighters because one fighter made a mistake, decided to party and do whatever.”
“How many people got caught [recently]? Five?” Gracie said. “Five of how many we have in the sport all over the world? I don’t think it’s a problem.”
“I feel like the system works,” Gracie said. “It’s good. Let’s not think of the bad side, let’s think it’s the good side. It works.
“The system works. That’s why they’re getting caught.”

First of all his analogy is not only completely wrong, it is ignorant.  NASCAR drivers are not drinking prior to racing.  To the best of my limited redneck knowledge this has not been an issue since bootleg days.
Secondly it is sad and pathetic to see Royce Gracie, who many consider an ambassador for MMA and the UFC, not only take PED's but also make ignorant statements like the one above.

In my day to day conversations it has become brilliantly clear that this naivety is pervasive in both our culture and the martial art/sport realm.  People honestly believe the majority of MMA fighters are "clean," which to me means they do not take ANYTHING, EVER.  Yet you push the conversation with folks and you quickly find out what they mean is... the majority of MMA fighters know how to cycle properly so they don't get caught.  For example the argument being that Anderson Silva was recovering from a serious injury (leg break) and therefore was off his normal juice - clean cycle, hence his timing was off, the result being popping hot on several tests.

It is becoming abhorrently apparent to me that this is the nature of our culture / race.  We will lie, cheat, and steal to justify our own end.  Shame on me for thinking the martial arts were immune to such cancer.  I sincerely hope that the mixed martial arts world works to fix this.

February 15, 2015

PED's and Weight Cutting Issues = The Unprofessional Fighting Championship

Rousey in the new SI swimsuit edition
The UFC fan seems to be a magnet for every feasible type of shit sandwhich that could be tossed at it!  Anderson Silva tested positive on a second post fight test, coupled with three more fighters not making weight this past weekend with UFC on Fox Sports One, is leaving the "leader" in mixed martial arts with black eye after black eye.  Now current champ Ronda Rousey and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub are both chiming in with honestly sharp tongues. 

From Yahoo Sports:

"This is a combat sport, and we're not trying to hit a ball harder," Rousey said. "These drugs can make you hit a person harder. The only reason we're able to do this sport is that the level of human potential is just [low] enough that we can barely allow it. We're right at the threshold.
"It's not like we're getting to the point where it's, 'Oh, we're going to start to have higher world records for weight lifting.' No. We're going to be able to hurt each other more. That's what I'm worried about. I'm worried that this is going to keep escalating and escalating and escalating until somebody dies."

   In reference to those who criticize Rousey for not moving up a weight class to fight Cris Cyborg (who has tested positive for PED's:
 "I've been ready to fight her at any point. She's the one who left the UFC. She's the one who hasn't come to fight me. Because she's a cheater and a fraud, the last thing I'm going to do is make exceptions for her. I'm not going to move up and make things easier for her, because she's been making things easier for herself her whole life. She needs to learn a lesson that you can't do that [expletive] any more. And I'm here to teach everybody else that that is not acceptable. Cheating and bringing a weapon and trying to hurt someone with that weapon is not a way to get a consideration made for you." offered this transcription from an interview with ex-UFC fighter Brendan Schaub:
“Listen, I would love to hear an argument for why I shouldn’t do steroids,” Schaub said. “Give me one. Let’s say I take steroids and test positive. Say I’m a young kid [getting to the UFC] and I ask my dad, ‘Dad, why shouldn’t I take steroids?’ Can I say, ‘Well, you’ll never be world champ.’ That’s not true. Anderson Silva’s world champ. ‘Well, you’ll never fight for a title.’ That’s not true.
   “Chael Sonnen tested positive, fought for a title. ‘Well, you’ll never be ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ coach.’ Nope, Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva. ‘Well, you’ll never be a main event.’ No, not true. Alistair Overeem’s a main event. Bigfoot Silva’s a main event. ‘Well, listen, you might get fired.’ No, not really. Guys pop all the time. If it’s cheating, everyone else is doing it and they’re getting rewarded for it.”
   “You know what’s infuriating to me? It’s not that I’m not champ,” said Schaub. “It’s not that I’ve lost some fights or won some big fights. It’s more that there’s just no reason everyone shouldn’t take steroids. There’s just not. In the UFC there’s no reason. Someone give me a legit reason why you would tell a young fighter not to take them. I would love to hear a good argument. ‘Well, you’ll get fined $3000 and you’ll have to sit out six months, maybe nine.’ I fight every six months anyway.”
   “I fought a guy named Lavar Johnson. At the weigh-in when he weighed in I went to [UFC president] Dana White like, ‘That guy’s on roids.” They laughed. Everyone’s like, ‘Come on.’ Are you kidding me? The guy is jacked. He could go win Mr. Olympia. My team’s laughing. I’m not laughing. I’ve got to fight him.”
   “So then I fight this guy. I don’t stand with him. I take him down over and over. I just kept taking him down because I knew he was jacked on steroids. I’m not going to play that game. I took a lot of heat for that. Everyone from the company, outside the company, fans, everyone. ‘Why didn’t you stand and bang with him?’ Well, I’m all natural and this guy’s jacked out of his mind on steroids. It doesn’t make sense for me. Make it a level playing field and I’m the Leonard Garcia of the heavyweight division.”
   “Anderson Silva landed some shots on Nick Diaz. Those shots, I promise you, are going to catch up with Nick down the road. Now, we don’t know how severe those shots were but I guarantee it’s more severe when a guy’s on steroids.”

Some solid truth in those words whether you like them or not.  I don't pretend to have all the answers but it is high time we stop pretending and either completely accept that the majority of athletes in ALL sports are juicing to some degree or another, or we completely ban the substances and the culture that surrounds them unequivocally. 

August 26, 2014

Steroids... The Ultimate Leverage in BJJ and MMA?

Am I the only one that is getting increasingly fed up with hearing story after story of grapplers and fighters popping hot for Perfor
mance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) and steroids?  Are our fellow martial artists THAT insecure with their ability to apply the principles our forefathers imparted upon us, that they will inject poison into their bodies in hopes that they will not piss hot on a whiz quiz!?!?!?   I mean at the very least you could smarten up and clean out your cycle as you KNOW you will get tested!!! 

Though it should be no less surprising regardless of the academy these guys come from, it stings a bit more when instructors such as Brian Ortega who is a black belt at the Gracie Headquarters under Rorion and his sons Rener, Ryron, and Ralek, test positive.  I guess the Gracie monicker of "Keep it real," in all reality has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.  "Keep it playful..." unless of course I might lose so therefore it is justified that I take whatever I can, and do whatever I can to WIN!!!!!!!

You can read the entire article here.  

Then there is the sad case of Robert Drysdale.  One of the fastest to climb the belt ladder to black, and seemingly one of the slowest learners in MMA as he just got popped for excessive testosterone levels... for the second time.  With this announcement the UFC quickly let everyone know that Drysdale is no longer in the UFC (was he ever in??).  Fines and suspensions from the NAC are forthcoming.  

To read the entire article click here.

I feel bad for these guys and all the others who lack so much confidence in the technique and ability that they have spent years refining.  What a waste.  Not sure what the pay off is since I have never partaken of PED's or roids, but I sure hope it is well worth it.

June 29, 2014

Chael Sonnen Fails Second Drug Test

I caught some flack online for my Metamoris IV post on Friday where I criticized the Gracie family for turning their premier submission grappling venue into a WWE debacle including the drug frenzied Chael Sonnen.  News dropped that Chael failed yet ANOTHER drug test!  Some folks stated that Chael needs these drugs for medical reasons hence his "retirement" from MMA, and that he should not be criticized nor punished for such acts. 

But our friend and BJJ black belt Henry Akin brought a solid point to the table, which I would personally extend beyond MMA to grappling only events as well:

"I dont mind people taking these substances to help them feel better, stay "younger" that's a personal choice. But when you are competing in a sport where it allows you to punch someone in the head much harder then "normal" its like putting someone in the cage with a weapon. It basically gives you the ability to do far more damage to an opponent. People caught using performance enhancing drugs in combat sports should be criminally charged." 

I am appalled at the apathy towards PED's being blatantly used and abused in our sport.  One gentlemen on FB told me to get over being a "purist," which I am not sure how to even respond to!?  I post Akin's words here because he is much more articulate then I am and he brings a point that few (if any) have addressed.  All too often we speak of the recovery benefits roids and PED's offer athletes, but the simple fact of the matter is they all make you bigger, stronger, faster, etc. not to mention causing mental and emotional swings that are uncontrollable.  Hmmmm, sounds like so many other things we deem socially unacceptable, and in many cases illegal.  Yet it seems like society could care less as long as it entertains them.

I refuse to believe that those of us in the BJJ/grappling community will be so accepting of this machismo attitude that seems to becoming more and more pervasive in our culture. 

June 27, 2014

Metamoris 4 - The Royal Roid Rumble

Metamoris broke the news this week that their next event will be Saturday August 9th 2014 in Los Angeles California, and Ralek Gracie (spokesperson for Rorion Gracie, owner of Metamoris and father of Ralek) also announced some of the fight card which has some folks scratching their heads. 

Along with a last minute "secret match" (supposedly neither the fighters nor the public will know until last minute) the following match ups were presented:
  • Andre Galvao vs. Chael Sonnen
  • Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister
  • Saulo Ribiero vs. Rodrigo "Compridos" Medeiros
  • Vinny Magahales vs. Keenan Cornelius
  • Gary Tonon vs. Kit Dale
Keeping true to the original declaration of presenting exciting matches showcasing the true talent of grapplers in a venue encouraging submissions the match ups of Ribiero and Medeiros, Magahales vs. Cornelius, and Tonon - Dale promise to bring some amazing grappling to the stage in fights we all would love to see.  But I must admit the main event and co-main event have left a bad taste in my mouth.

Both Chael Sonnen and Josh Barnett are MMA fighters with extensive backgrounds in wrestling and Catch As Catch Can respectively, and both have been popped repeatedly for using steroids and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to the extent that Barnett was stripped of his UFC title over a decade ago. Though Galvao has passed one drug screen (IBJJF just started random tests last year) anyone who has watched his rise in BJJ has to wonder about the sudden muscle gain coupled with extreme acne often witnessed on him.

Seemingly Metamoris is looking to cash in on the WWE type of hype that trashy shit talkers such as Sonnen and Barnett bring to anything they are involved in.  It also seems to be sending a very mixed message to both the general public and impressionable participants in the grappling arts.  As I understood it Metamoris had the objective of getting grappling (BJJ / Judo / Sambo etc.) into the mainstream all the while showcasing matches we normally would not see.  Apparently the Gracie family will do this at all costs without thinking about the quality of men they are promoting.

When asked about Chael Sonnen's "medical condition" (for those unaware... Chael, a professional level MMA fighter, claims to have a problem with low testosterone.  Hence his need for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy.  My eyes could not roll further back into my ginormous skull!!) Ralek Gracie responded with:
“I don’t really know what his situation is with the commission. In my school of thought it doesn’t matter who takes what PED in grappling. It won’t change the game for him anyway. He can roll with half of the black belts I know and he’ll be in serious trouble.”

These comments are common with the Gracie family as they typically beat their collective chests making obnoxious, ego-saturated claims.  The amusing irony in Ralek making these statements is that apparently he did not have that much confidence in his family's grappling back just four years ago in Dream 14 and a unanimous decision over Kazushi Sakuraba where Ralek tested positive for steroids after the win!   Keep in mind this was at a "catch" weight of 194 where Sakuraba normally fights as a middleweight and Ralek typically fights at light heavy. 

All this coupled with the 50% increase in price (now $30 for the stream) has really left me shaking my head.  I can think of a dozen stand up classy men, and women that are far better role models and representatives of the art I love and cherish that would be better fits.  I had high hopes for this event and organization when they were trying to arrange a Jean Jacques Machado vs. Nelson Monteiro fight, but the fact that UFC president Dana White has been discussing scooping up Metamoris for his "Fight Pass" online money pit should be a huge red flag for those of us with some dignity. 

I have grown tired of the hypocrisy and lack of class in an art that was supposedly created to deter such elements of our society.  Yet we turn around and applaud it every chance we get.  I am just as guilty in that I will most likely give them my hard earned greenbacks as I enjoy combat sports entertainment more so then most things available.  This has me pausing and thinking twice about it this time though.  Time for us to raise the standards in our martial community folks. 

April 24, 2012

Poll Results Are In... Roids Are Out!

In our largest (participatory wise) poll yet we witnessed a rather one sided victory kind of like this Judo toss (is that actually a throw in Judo's arsenal??):

With 23 people voting, only 13% of you said steroids should be allowed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition.  20 of you said "nay" to the idea of PED's being allowed.

I think the overwhelming majority of people do not wish to see roids become common place in our sport and art of BJJ, though I would love to hear from the 3 of you who mentioned it should be allowed.  Perhaps I am not seeing a perspective.  But I think overall they are not a wanted part of our sport.

Now the question remains as to how to control their use?  Testing is SUPER expensive and not reasonable for amateur athletes.  Leaving it on good merit has never, nor ever, worked.  For the most part we have to self regulate.  If you know someone who is using, confront them.  Let them know what you think, let them know you care about their longevity in this sport and about them as a person.  Bring it to the attention of your coach, as ultimately it is his/her decision to allow such things in his gym.  Conversely if your coach is the one roiding up and providing an atmosphere where it is not only allowed but encouraged... perhaps it is time to do some soul searching as to what you are looking to get out of a gym and training environment.  Keep in mind your own safety and well being as well.  I have trained with some roiders before... they rely on their strength all too much often causing injuries to training partners or themselves when they try to power out of positions or submissions.  Also I have seen the "rage" elements creep in to training as well.  Like they are not even present in the room, almost like the 1000 yard stare.  Not healthy for them, not healthy for me!

I appreciate your input on the poll!  Look for another one in the coming days.